Miles Jupp plays David Tomlinson in The Life I Lead

Did you know that Miles Jupp is visiting The Brewhouse at the start of next month?

He plays David Tomlinson in a biopic about the quintessential English gent himself.

Miles wrote a piece for The Guardian exploring and explaining the background behind this piece of original theatre that you can read part of below:

“[…]He then realised two things. Firstly, that David Tomlinson – in a rather quiet, unassuming and very English way – had a fascinating life story that he’d always kept rather quiet about. A story that involved moral, if not actual bigamy (Tomlinson’s own father kept twin households in London and Folkestone), moments of family tragedy involving the suicide of Tomlinson’s first wife, and a great struggle to build the right life for his third son, William, one of the first children in this country to be diagnosed with autism. All this to a backdrop of mid-20th century showbusiness, from the repertory circuit of British theatre to working alongside Walt Disney in California.”

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To read the full article, head over to The Guardian