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Andrew Samuel

Volunteer Technician

For several years Andrew, affectionately known as Sonic, travelled up and down to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe each year to work as a theatre technician at the popular C-Venues. This was until one morning over breakfast cereal when his mother told him to get a ‘proper job’!

Currently working for Indigo Group as a Senior Support Engineer, Andrew has worked for various theatre companies across the country, including Stage Electrics based in Bristol. Further to this, he has developed relationships with local groups, providing technical assistance and popping-up in band-pits as a drummer for various shows.

When The Brewhouse closed, Katy Lowe (a former Brewhouse employee) rallied a group of knowledgeable technicians to help get the theatre back up and running ready for its first official performance, the Gang Show 2014. Andrew made friends and became committed to The Brewhouse cause, first becoming a Duty Technician and then taking on the role of Technical Coordinator, building a small team of technical staff to help run the events. When The Brewhouse employed the Technical Manager, Chris Alexander, Andrew took on the role of Assistant Technical Manager, but later dropped this role after Isaac Cowlard and Jack Glanville were employed as full time technicians.

Andrew spotted a need and an opportunity at The Brewhouse and started to build an Event Management System (Sonic EMS) to help improve communications between departments and the coordination of events. This system was recently used by Box Office software company Ticket Source to beta test its API (application programming interface) and the software is currently being redesigned to hopefully take it to market. Andrew has been instrumental in providing IT support and remains a loyal friend and supporter to The Brewhouse Team. No task is too daunting and no request goes unanswered.

Andrew enjoys being involved in the theatre, driving change and helping make things happen. He is on the management committee of the Wellington Arts Association and is former Vice Chair of Wellington Carnival. He most enjoys working on sound for live bands but also enjoys working for stand up comedy shows.

Sonic you are a huge asset to The Brewhouse, thank you for volunteering.

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