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Take Part Online – Terms & Conditions


We (The Brewhouse) are a Zoom Business user. As part of our agreement with Zoom we understand that calls made using this platform are protected and private, accessible only to those users who have bought tickets to an event, the Brewhouse Team and the session facilitator.  


By purchasing a ticket to a Take Part Online class you are agreeing to the following terms: 


  • Session links are exclusive to class participants, do not share it with others.


  • The Brewhouse are solely responsible for distributing session links – if you know someone who has not received a link but thinks that they should have - they should call our Box Office on 01823 283 244. 


  • If there is more than one person in your household taking the class, please purchase a ticket for each individual attending. This helps us to support our facilitators & aids with planning for these sessions.


  • Please conduct yourself as you would in a normal class, taking into consideration others in the group. 


  • The workshop facilitator will try their best to ensure that everyone receives a level of interaction and engagement that they expect. If you have any concerns about this, please get in touch with or talk to your session leader.  


  • Do not record video, audio or take screenshots of Take Part Online sessions at any time. 


  • Facilitators may give express permission to have a screenshot/photo taken of them – and only them – to aid your work, but this does not apply to the whole group. 


  • In order to respect other’s privacy, do not record video, audio or take screenshots of other participants in the call.


  • You are responsible for your own safety during these sessions – The Brewhouse and TTA are not liable for injuries incurred while a session is running. 


  • You are responsible for your own property during these sessions – The Brewhouse and TTA are not liable for property damaged while a session is running.


  • The Brewhouse and TTA are not responsible for any 3rd party agreements in place with Zoom with relation to user data. Please read the terms & conditions found at site if you want to find out more about their user agreements.


  • We hope that you understand that technology can be temperamental and that The Brewhouse (TTA) should not be held accountable for any technical issues encountered during a session in relation to: 
    • Video quality 
    • Audio quality 
    • Internet connection speed
    • Issues with hardware  
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