Music to Impress All Ages!

We were delighted to receive this wonderful review from a very enthusiastic young audience member. Evie King has written a wonderful piece about her experience in coming to the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra New Year Waltz Extravaganza on the 7th January.

She is also a member of the Hestercombe Centre for Young Musicians Thank you Evie!


What a way to start the New Year with an explosion of the Johann Strauss family’s finest popular dance music! Johann Strauss II was a music superstar in his day and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s fantastic performance at The Brewhouse last week really brought his music to life.

Because I am a student at Hestercombe Centre for Young Musicians, I was privileged enough to be invited to see the orchestra rehearse, and meet the flautist Anna Pyne before the performance. It was touch and go whether I would be able to get in, as the concert was a complete sell out. But thankfully at the last minute The Brewhouse staff managed to squeeze me in and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Where do I start – it was all so astounding. Conductor Aleksandar Marcović is amazing – so animated he seemed to become a part of the music and you could see he felt it from head to toe. He sometimes jumped to direct the players to lift their best performance to even greater heights. He electrified the musicians and the audience.

The audience had great fun joining in clapping, and it was made even more entertaining by the conductor who speeded up and slowed the orchestra down unexpectedly. The concert was packed full of favourites from the Overture from Die Fledermaus, finishing with the most famous – The Blue Danube Waltz.
Soprano Rebecca Bottone was spectacular both in her singing and her sense of fashion! In the first half she soared like a phoenix and in the second half she developed into an elegant swan.

I didn’t notice until the end of the concert that my face ached from my big grin, and I was shivering from the goosebumps ascending up my arms.
The orchestra gave the best performance that I have ever heard. They blended together to create a rich and fulfilling tone. I believe that the one thing that makes an orchestra successful is to respect that every section of the orchestra has the same importance, and this really came across in this performance.

Evie King, Aged 14