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Hal’s literally filled our screens recently on Have I Got News For You, The Apprentice: You’re Fired, Bake Off: Extra Slice, and Live at the Apollo. His daughters chose the title of his new stand-up show. He’s now on a diet!

Suitable for ages 14 and above

It’s Tim Vine back on tour, telling lots of silly new jokes, showing off new homemade props, singing some new daft ditties, and all with the appearance of confidence!

Suitable for ages 12 and above
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A few years ago, it seemed unlikely that the UK would vote to leave the EU; we had a reasonable opposition to the Tory Government; Donald Trump was a buffoon who surely wasn’t going to beat Hillary Clinton and Mark was living the married suburban ideal….

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What happened was…Jethro came back to the Brewhouse! “The Count of Cornwall” is back again with his unique style of comedy.

Suitable for ages 15 and above

Vibe-Chasers and Shame-Well Divers delight! Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner, XFM star and best-selling author John Robins returns to The Brewhouse with his hilarious new show.

Suitable for ages 16 and above

Cluster-bombed with yoghurt on ‘Taskmaster’, half-killed on ‘Bear Grylls’ Celebrity Island’, Watson returns to what he’s best at: being indoors.

Suitable for ages 14 and above
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Its amazing that we are heading for our 25th anniversary. When we started in Glastonbury ’95 people thought it would run for 25 weeks let alone 25 years, yet here we are a quarter of a century later still touring all over the World, still getting rave reviews & still getting loads of media coverage.

As well as being the all-round entertainer we all know and love from the telly, Count Arthur Strong is also a lifelong fan of astronomy. In this, his brand-new show, he seamlessly combines the very best showbiz entertainment you’ll currently find, in the world, possibly?

Suitable for ages All Ages and above