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HomeBrew: Where You To?


Artist: Joe Garbett & Elinor Lewis

Title: Where You To?

Format: Interactive, Create Your Own Dance Video 

A high energy, digital, choose your own adventure website that will dance you through the overlooked treasures of Somerset.

Somerset is full of unseen natural beauty, unexpected stories and unknown adventures. Its untouched beauty is too good not to be shared.

Where you to? is an interactive dance film that gives everyone and anyone the opportunity to dash through Somerset’s valleys, forage through the undergrowth and bolt across the coastline from the comfort of their own home. Watch as the dance you build unfurls before your eyes.

What happens next is up to you!


Joe Garbett is a choreographer, teacher and international performer.

Under the direction of renowned choreographers, Joe has performed at the Tate Modern, Glastonbury Festival, Sadler's Wells, World Stage Design Festival, museums, pubs, clubs and everything in between.

You will find Joe choreographing and performing outdoors and at unconventional places advocating the importance of positive, playful and accessible art in public spaces.

His work has toured rurally across the UK and to large scale venues including National Theatre, Shanghai Grande Theatre and Greenwich+Docklands International Festival.

Joe is currently based in South West where he co-founded aKa Dance Theatre Company, company in residence at Tacchi Morris Arts Centre.



Joe Garbett Edit

Elinor Lewis is interested in how people & objects interact and how people occupy space. Her dance work is architectural, including large, sculptural set designs that performers interact with.

For the past four years, Elinor has been making work that challenges audiences to expand their understanding of what dance can be, whilst offering unexpected moments of tension and humour.

Elinor’s first major work - Orchard (with Nuria Legarda Andueza) was part of Aerowaves Twenty19 and was performed throughout London in 2018 and internationally in 2019.

Her work-in-development, TIMBER (with Hannah Parsons) has been shared through Dance Umbrella Studio Sessions and has been commissioned by The Place, Take Art and DanceXchange through a DX Choreography Award.


Elinor Lews Edit
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