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HomeBrew: Black Voices of Somerset


Artist: Emma Grazette

Title: Black Voices of Somerset

Format: Documentary Film

Emma Grazette’s dad, originally from Trinidad, came to Somerset 30 years ago. Like many people of colour in Somerset, he has a lived experience in the county.

In Black Voices of Somerset, Emma will embark on a journey, bringing her microphone to the overlooked and unheard voices of people of colour across Somerset, asking, simply ‘What is Somerset to you?’


Emma Grazette is a film producer and activist. As a mixed-race woman who grew up in Somerset, has lived in Africa and the Deep South, she brings a broad and open-minded perspective to her work.

Having studied English literature and Caribbean culture, Emma has a deep understanding of counter-narratives and how omitting them from mainstream history, art, literature and public spaces, deeply affects society and the wellbeing of African diaspora peoples.

Emma is a published author and has worked as a presenter for Channel 4. She now works in film development and production and is driven by a desire to create platforms for these stories and contribute to furthering true diversity and inclusion in the film industry. Using film as a platform for change, she is passionate about fighting racism, inequality and institutional biases via education and open conversations.

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