Join Aisha for a day of vocal play and songwriting! We’ll learn some basics about rhythm and harmony, practice circle songs and draw on our personal experiences to write, create & share our own songs.

This workshop is led by Aisha – she is a singer, composer and improviser. She is co-creator of Kiota, a collective of PoC artists of mutiple disciplines, in Bristol. Aisha has recently trained with Briony Greenhill in vocal improvisation, where she draws inspiration. She also performs with Beyond The Ridiculous company and manages The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol.

Humans have voices that are meant to sing. It was once, and could still be an everyday way of expressing yourself and of forming bonds with others… However, somewhere along the way, we’ve become self-conscious, and not always able to access that form of self-expression.

Just as we are all filled with stories, we are also full of song!

This workshop aims to get participants in touch with their singing voice and tell their stories through songs that are based on improvisation.

We will look at some basic theory and practice of rhythm, harmony and free expression. We will use circle songs to build on these skills and finally we will tell our stories through songs.


This event is part of our ‘Word Play’ Spoken Word & Storytelling Master Classes. Visit the ‘Wordplay’ page for more events.



19 February 2020 10:00AM

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Suitable for 13-18

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