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When all you can do is walk…

In the height of lockdown, Voicings Collective used their interdisciplinary devising process to capture the thoughts of their artists based across England: from urban Manchester and seaside Brighton, to rural Suffolk. Part-diary, part-drama, Walk out of yourself features elements of verbatim technique collected on our daily walks as we coexist alongside the anxiety, boredom, loneliness and joy of isolation.

Probing attitudes and emotions in the wake of quarantine, the piece explores our uncertainties as we try to carve a new path for society, community and identity. It delves into the rituals and routine of pacing and retracing our steps and finding room to breathe.

As we tune into a world fallen silent we are reminded that, in times of uncertainty, out of the dark the dawn chorus begins. The piece is a snapshot of the thoughts and feelings arising in the immediate wake of a country in lockdown.

The Voicings Collective is an interdisciplinary devising company composing contemporary opera in the ensemble. It applies a classical treatment to cross-arts approaches. The group have developed work supported by Dartington Arts, Rough For Opera, Arst Council England and Opera Harmony.

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