Four actors will take on over 20 characters in this funny and frantic dash around the world with-Henry Pulling, a retired suburban bank manager with a penchant for dahlias.

He meets his eccentric Aunt Augusta at what he supposes to be his mother’s funeral. She persuades him to abandon his dahlias and travel with her to Brighton, Paris, Istanbul and across the world to Paraguay.

Through Aunt Augusta, a veteran of hotel bedrooms and shady associates, Henry joins a shifty twilight society of pot smoking hippies, war criminals, men from the CIA and hard core art smugglers.  To his Aunt’s great delight, he finds himself coming alive as he puts his former dull and predictable life behind him.

Travels with my Aunt not only gives us intoxicating entertainment, but also confronts us with some of the most perplexing of human dilemmas.

By Graham Greene, adapted by Giles Havergal.

Produced by Creative Cow in association with Malvern Theatres.

Directed by Amanda Knott

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This is a past event

Ticket Prices

Adult from £18 Senior from £16 Student from £14
Suitable for ages 12 and above

Running Time

145 mins inc interval