You know and love the NHS. What about the CHS?

The Clown Health Service provides a unique, therapeutic solution as we emerge from lockdown!

Part interactive performance, part workshop, our ‘clown therapists’ invite you on a playful, interactive, joyous journey to awaken your imaginations and enliven your senses as we ease back into nature and back into connection with each other once more.

Expect playful, interactive, and sometimes ridiculous activities to inspire hope, dreaming, and collective healing.

Our clown therapists maintain strict COVID-secure guidelines to keep one and all safe! There will be staggered start times so you can book as a private bubble – though if you book one or more individual tickets your clown performer-facilitator will ensure everyone is aware of social distancing rules.

Open Heart Clown Service is presented by The Rebel Clown Collective.

About The Rebel Clown Collective

The Rebel Clown Collective formed to explore clowning as a form of creative protest: They perform in public spaces & on high streets to incite responses of delight, bemusement, and to change the assumed uses of public space.

Their ridiculous participatory clowning workshops use humour and interactive play to explore social issues such as climate change, wellbeing & social change.

Clowning is distinct from acting, as the clown is always oneself and not a character. As such all are welcome! Joining the clowns does not require a particular kind of body, voice or physical skill or mobility.

The collective have training in clowning, performance, community outreach, nature connection, physical theatre, support work, theatre of the oppressed and much more.

They are perceptive and responsive improvisational performers who love to co-create with the audience-participants who come to meet them!

Performance Times

Appointments will start every 15 minutes, from 10:45-11:45 and then from 13:45-14:45.


These workshops are suitable for everyone aged 8 and up. We ask that all bookings have one adult for every child, though solo adults are also welcome!

Tickets for groups of 4, 5, or 6 will be reduced to £20 at the checkout. The group offer applies where all attendees purchase tickets to the same timeslot.

Please note that each group is capped at 6 to accommodate for social distancing.


5 June 2021 Times vary For details of dates & times,
click 'Book Tickets'

Book Tickets

Ticket Prices

Single from £5 4-6 People from £20 (price updated at checkout)
Suitable for 8+ (one adult per child)

Running Time

35 minutes