Originally broadcast from the iconic Shakespeare’s Globe in London, this is a new production of Shakespeare’s very English comedy The Merry Wives of Windsor, directed by Elle While (Hamlet, As You Like It, Globe).

Pearce Quigley as Sir John Falstaff
Photographer: Helen Murray

The Merry Wives of Windsor is Shakespeare’s only comedy set in England. An atmospheric setting of an open-air Elizabethan playhouse on the bank of the River Thames, the cinema event will feature insightful interviews and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

Double-meanings and disguises abound in The Merry Wives of Windsor as Sir John Falstaff sets about improving his financial situation by wooing Mistress Page and Mistress Ford. But the ‘Merry Wives’ quickly cotton on to his tricks and decide to have a bit of fun of their own at Falstaff’s expense…

The story goes that Elizabeth I was so taken with the character of Falstaff in Henry IV that she asked Shakespeare to write a comedy about the disreputable knight falling in love. The resultant play is the only comedy that Shakespeare set in his native land, and with its dexterous mingling of verbal and physical humour, The Merry Wives of Windsor inaugurated a tradition that reaches right down to the contemporary English sitcom.

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11 September 2019 7:00PM

This is a past event

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Full Price from £19.00 Concessions from £11.00
Suitable for all ages

Running Time

3 hours