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The Fairy Battle of Buckland St Mary is a fantasy audio adventure for the whole family.

An epic battle wages between the Fairies and the Pixies. Magic and swordplay clash over fen and field, as, beneath the farmers’ very noses, tiny armies meet in deadly battle!

Award-Winning Mumblecrust Theatre weave a mystical tale of a young boy’s encounter with the fairy Prince, inspired by a little-known piece of local folklore, in a podcast to enjoy at home, or rambling over the Mendips or soaking up some sun on Kilve Beach.

Hold onto your hat, as Mumblecrust Theatre drag you through a dense thicket of Somerset Folklore!

Download: The Fairy Battle of Buckland St Mary

Listen Online:

Writer: Jonathan Leach
Performers: Anthony Burbridge & Katie Underhay
Editor/Sound Designer: Katie Underhay
Editor: Katie Underhay
Composer: Anthony Burbridge

Running Time

34 mins
Build 3.2 17/02/2021