They are back! And by popular demand! Probably the most entertaining group  to come out of the 60s and 70s. Their musicianship, their harmonies and of course their humour makes them what their peers call them ‘The Guvnors’.

They are supremely talented, a showbiz phenomenon  and the best tonic the N.H.S. could give the population. Winners of the UK Rock and Pop awards as ‘Best Entertainers’. They are the only group  to have toured with the Beatles and twice with the Rolling Stones. A show not to be missed.

Over 300 shows at the London Palladium. A performance at Buckingham Palace.

The Barron Knights inspired Bill Wyman to buy a Guitar back in 1961.

You’ll be rockin’ and laughing as well as rolling. Lots of new material again, apart from the old favourites like call Up The Groups, they play their inimitable version of the William tell Overture and their Flamenco party piece Malaguana is always requested.

Their parody of Killer Queen about will Camilla be Queen and the hilarious take on of Windmills of your mind about what happens to your body as you get older will be in the show Don’t miss this one. You will walk out the theatre with happy memories of the show titled SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES.


This is a past event

Ticket Prices

All £18.50
Suitable for all ages

Running Time

Act 1: 45 mins, Interval: 20 mins, Act 2: 45 mins