Come and join a playful and informative theatre and storytelling workshop with Deborah Antoinette.

She will begin with sharing a short story from thousands of years ago where a woman rules the world! You’ll then get the chance to use theatre games and imaginative techniques to explore how your day-to-day experience of girls and women, or being a girl or woman could be affected by this story, and how your experience is influenced by others stories (for example the stories told in films like Moxie, Easy A, and She’s The Man).

The session is inclusive of non-gender identifying and male identifying participants. All perspectives, experience, questions and insights not only inform how female identifying people can attain more freedom and empowerment, but also very importantly how all of us are affected by patriarchal assumptions and social values, and how we can each be part of addressing the balance for ourselves and for each other.

Tales of Womxn combines ancient stories which evoke the power of Queens, Goddesses, Mothers, Maidens and other Female Leaders with our modern dilemma ‘What is female empowerment?’ and ‘How do we discover this within a long standing historically patriarchal system which affects all genders?’


25 October 2021 5:00PM

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Suitable for Ages 14-18

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60 minutes