“I feel the need”
“the need for speed!”
– Maverick & Goose

We join Maverick & Goose as they explore the depths of the male bromance and what it really means to be an American fighter pilot and Alpha-male buzzed on testosterone, G-Force and 80’s music in Tony Scott’s, Top Gun.

This true slice of Americana comes brimming with slick dialogue, adrenaline fueled action and – true to the decade in which it was produced – a knockout power ballad that saw the movie take home the Oscar for Best Music, Original Song, with “Take My Breath Away”.

Tom Cruise plays rookie fly-boy – ‘Maverick’ – gunning for ‘Best in Class’ against fellow bros, ‘Iceman’, ‘Goose’, ‘Viper’ and ‘Jester’ [et al].


Summer Retro Cinema

Join us this summer as we pay homage to some of the biggest, baddest and UGLIEST movies from yesteryear. Featuring the likes of Clint Eastwood and Sergio Leone, Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott and of course Tom Cruise and Tony Scott. What’s more, tickets are ONLY £5, so book now to avoid disappointment.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – 11th August

Blade Runner – 24th August

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17 August 2018 7:30PM

This is a past event

Ticket Prices

Full Price from £5.00
Suitable for ages 12 and above

Running Time

105 minutes + trailers