Members of Creative Coverage are considered to be amongst the finest artists and craftspeople in the United Kingdom. The Brewhouse is thrilled to feature an exhibition of five members from this organization this Spring.

Featured Artists

Peter Hayes

Stimulated by archaeological digs Peter is drawn to shapes of artefacts and objects from different cultures and periods.  His contemporary sculptures evolve with the environment and reflect erosion and change through time

Moira Purver

Award winning Dorset based Sculptor Moira Purver specialises in figurative sculptor.  Cast in bronze, her figures are full of vitality and warmth, accentuating the surface and movement of the human form.

Joanna Commings

Joanna works in both acrylics and watercolours, specializing in portraiture and landscapes.  Much of Joanna’s work draws inspiration from Cornish landscapes through differing seasons, primarily around the Camel Estuary, the coastal lines at Rock and Padstow and Bodmin Moor.

David Shanahan

David Shanahan work can be found in private collections all over the world including the USA, Japan and Australia.  His paintings create tension between Christian and Pagan, Myth and Reality, Past and Present.  His striking images capture people frozen in time and encourage the viewer to imagine their story.

Mary Gillet

A painter and printmaker who draws inspiration from Dartmoor and the North Cornwall coastline.   Mary specialises in etchings which appear to have been eroded by natural elements. The resulting imagery contemplates how our surroundings can reflect our histories, our moods and our thoughts.


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