When isolation and solitude are forced upon us, many seek ways to bring different voices together.

Part of the Somerset Reacquainted Tour and alongside the Somerset Open Studios event, the Community exhibition will present a visual manifesto, drawn from Taunton’s broad artist community, highlighting the purpose for making art, the value of art and artists and their contribution to the county.

Somerset Reacquainted: Community aims to showcase the wealth of individual artistic practice in Somerset, together with a sense of collective identity and purpose. By creating a rich visual tapestry of artistic and crafts practice from our artist community, the exhibition will present a provocation regarding the importance of the visual arts and the value of artists and makers in Somerset.

‘Somerset Reacquainted’ was a project with 63 artists running throughout 2020, which articulated a renewed engagement with nature, locality and community during lockdown. This new exhibition includes writing, images and objects from the original ‘Somerset Reacquainted’, plus fresh work from individual artists and collaborations. For further details, please click here.


18 September 26 October 2021 Times vary