A British secret agent takes up a teaching position in a private school in a English seaside town where influential Nazi German families send their daughters.

British actor/writer/stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard grew up in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, along the English channel. Thirty years earlier, the town was home to Augusta Victoria College, a finishing school for upper-class German girls. The students were from some of Germany’s highest-ranking and most powerful families. It lasted until 1939, when Germany’s invasion of Poland made it impossible to prevent war.

“Six Minutes to Midnight” is Izzard’s imagined spy story inspired by the school. She co-wrote the screenplay with director Andy Goddard and co-star Celyn Jones, and she stars as a teacher named Thomas Miller. It is set in August, 1939, which we in present day understand is just days before the start of WWII.


30 June 2021 7:00PM

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