TALK: Freeny Yianni, founder of Close, curator and art consultant will discuss the work of Richard Deacon Turner Prize winner 1987, and reference his early career as a student at The Somerset College of Art, 1968, as well as highlight a selection of works from his career.

Links with our local history will be discussed and how this serves to enhance our cultural heritage and inform our individual and local national identity.

Deacon is regarded as one of our leading British sculptors, best known for his lyrical open forms and interest in materials and their manipulation.

Mediating and creating an impression of the world with language as well as the physicality of sculpture.

An open discussion and thoughts from the audience would be welcome.

If you know Deacons work please bring with you a thought or image of your favourite work or series.


This is a past event

Ticket Prices

All £7
Suitable for all ages

Running Time

90 mins