Direct from London’s West End…From the darkest annals of Victorian England comes a lurid tale of folks, jokes …and cloaks. Murder and mayhem, chaos and comedy follow as a lone lunatic stalks the gas-lit streets of London terrorizing the population in the most horrific way (and it’s not Jack The Ripper – he’s away on a course!).

Originally conceived by Spike Milligan for a ‘special one-off’ TV special to reunite him with Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe – The legendary Goons.  It was never recorded.

The show was then adapted by comedy great, Ronnie Barker, first for BBC TV’s Six Dates With Barker and then again, for the classic The Two Ronnies.  It’s the Barker script we are using, now adapted by author, Lee Moone, into a fiendishly, rib-tickling stage version, for a whole new generation to enjoy.

Directed as a hilariously fast-paced live radio show, by multi-award winner Dirk Maggs, actors David Boyle, Lee Moone and Steve Elias re-imagine the roles originally created for Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe and their myriad of characters. They are joined in the madness, by James Petherick as the Announcer, Jodie Jacobs as The Girl, and of course The Phantom himself… played by a mystery celebrity guest!




Ticket Prices

Adults from £20 Students from £17.50
Suitable for ages 16 and above