You know and love the NHS. What about the CHS? The Clown Health Service provides a unique, therapeutic solutions as we emerge from lockdown!

Part interactive performance, part workshop, 0ur ‘clown therapists’ invite you on a playful, interactive, joyous journey to awaken our imaginations and enliven our senses as we ease back into nature and back into connection with each other once more. Expect playful, interactive and sometimes ridiculous activities to inspire hope, dreaming and healing: These include treasure hunts, mandala-making and writing postcards to your future self.

Open Heart Clown Service is presented by The Rebel Clown Collective and forms part of Taunton Live & Pride. The event will take place in Goodland Gardens.

About The Rebel Clown Collective 

The Rebel Clown Collective formed to explore clowning as a form of creative protest: They perform in public spaces & on high streets to incite responses of delight, bemusement, and to change the assumed uses of public space.

Their ridiculous participatory clowning workshops use humour and interactive play to explore social issues such as climate change, wellbeing & social change.

They are perceptive and responsive improvisational performers who love to co-create with the audience-participants who come to meet them!

About Taunton Live & Pride

2021 is shaping up to be GoCreate’s biggest festival yet, as it showcases events in Taunton throughout June, July and August.

A celebration of Arts, Culture, Diversity and Inclusivity through a showcase of exhibitions, gigs, pop up’s, workshops, trails and performances, plus a free Festival Day in the centre of town on 17 July incorporating Taunton Live Arts Festival & Taunton’s first Pride.

A meaningful community Pride parade will process through town from East Street leading to the festival locations in Goodlands Gardens, Castle Green and Somerset Square.


17 July 2021 10:45AM Free admission