EXHIBITION:An exhibition of works created by Jenny Graham, Sara Dudman and invited artists. How do we see and respond differently to places known and unknown? This exhibition aims to represent the activity, experiences, encounters and artworks that Jenny and Sara have created in response to painting and drawing retreats undertaken in remote locations in Cornwall, Northumberland and North Yorkshire coast over the past 3 years.

During these times they have walked extensively, explored new places and experienced the world with a renewed fascination. They have met and at times travelled with other artists whose work will also be represented in this exhibition, which seeks to present interpretations of places initially unknown to the artists as seen through the eyes of ‘outsiders. It will raise the questions of what is to be a tourist or foreigner in an unfamiliar location. How do we see and understand places that are known to us differently to those we explore and discover for the first time?

Both Jenny and Sara have a history of creating works in response to land and environments – both documentary and interpretative. However, when they visit new places, they view them with fresh eyes, seeing what may be commonplace to local residents as exciting and even exotic. At the same time, this newness can feel confusing and creatively inaccessible. A challenging period of research and experimentation prompts them to discover innovative responses to the subject and, as a result, their creative practices are advanced and strengthened. Working alongside each other provides both mutual support and a critical sounding board for ideas and perceptions of the location and their search to understand it.



Open Monday-Saturday 9:30am-4:30pm