A fantastically creative course which combines the chance to make art using a variety of materials and techniques and the opportunity to cross over into craft and design, using both traditional and new methods. The only limit is your imagination.

Why not try something new? No previous experience is necessary, but you will definitely complete the course buzzing with new ideas full of enthusiasm for your next project.

This is your weekly opportunity to experiment and have a go in a friendly and supportive art group, everyone is welcome – beginners and more experienced artists alike.

“I’ve learnt more in the first 10 minutes of this class than I have ever done, it’s great to be shown a variety of techniques that I can use again at home” – session participant

Please bring along a basic set of art materials to every session, Claire suggests:

  • A watercolour pad
  • A set of paints (watercolour, acrylic or gouache) and brushes (a fine brush and a wash brush)
  • A drawing pencil (in the ‘B’ range)
  • A sketching pen
  • Students may also like to consider bringing pastels, inks and coloured/watercolour pencils.

The room is laid out with tables and chairs so if you prefer to use an easel or drawing board, please bring it along.

We strongly advise booking your tickets to this activity in advance, as places are limited and we do not accept reservations (which means arriving on the day may result in disappointment). Booking in advance also helps our workshop leaders to prepare your session and plan for any additional access needs you may have.

About Claire: The workshop leader Claire Jeanes has a BA(hons) in Graphic Design, with a specialism in illustration. She is also a qualified teacher so will be able to give you lots of suggestions and helpful guidance.




13/9  Aboriginal art.

Learn about the techniques of aboriginal artists, which as well as rock painting, includes bark painting, sand painting, rock and wood carving, and painting  on leaves. Find out what symbols represent, how and why they were created.

Please bring a rubber tipped pencil, cotton bud or something finer if possible, to make dot paintings, (although this is just one technique), acrylic or gouache paint, paper and felt tipped pens.


20/9/19  NO CLASS

27/9/19  Black, white and grey portraits.

A chance to paint faces using monochrome only, with this tonal exercise. We will look at examples of other artists’ work showing the diversity and interesting results which can be achieved.  This will be a painting session, so please bring black and white paint, (acrylic, watercolour or gouache) with white, black or grey paper.  Some images will be provided, but you may bring your own photographs if preferred.




4/10/19  Landscape painting.

A look at different styles of landscape painting and the way other artists choose to tackle this subject area, to give you inspiration to create one of your own, from your own image (if preferred). Many images will be provided for reference too. Please bring paper and paints.



11/10/19  How to paint dew drops.

This is a very simple technique in watercolour, which will enable you to produce amazing realistic results. You can then incorporate this new skill into future paintings such as still life with fruit and vegetables (See next weeks session). Please bring paper and watercolour paints.



18/10/19  Drawing & painting of and with fruit & vegetables.

Draw and paint a still life arrangement with a selection of fruit and vegetables (provided). Practise form, colour and shape, then have a go at printmaking with cut sections. Please bring acrylic or gouache paint, paper and cotton cloth (if desired, for printing).




25/10/19  Rangoli patterns using seeds, rice, pasta etc.

These fantastic geometric patterns are created during a Hindu festivals in India, often directly onto the floor, using coloured rice, sand, flour and petals, to celebrate and be thankful. We will each make our own on a glue covered base, using rice, seeds, pasta etc…basically anything natural.

Bring what you can, along with a packet of coloured chalks to add colour to the rice, a pencil and tracing paper. Templates and glue, along with some grains etc will be provided.





8/11/19  Circle and star weaving.

These pretty woolen weavings  are very therapeutic to make and will look really effective linked together or suspended from above. You will be shown how to make them using wool, twine or even grasses, circles of card and crossed sticks, with pictures to guide you as well. Star weavings also known as ‘God’s Eyes’, were said to be hung above children’s beds to protect them while they slept.

Please bring cocktail sticks, old pencils, (or even knitting needles) or whatever you have that is similar and/or a circle of stiff card in any size, along with coloured yarn or wool and fabric scissors. Some of this will be provided for your use.




25/11/19  Pop up cards.

Have fun learning some basic techniques for 3d pop up cards, starting with the tab method and the essentials of valley and mountain folds, then progressing to more complex designs. A great idea for a very personal Christmas card. Templates and examples will be available. Please bring some coloured card and a scalpel.



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