By day Matt Chorley works in parliament, trying to explain what is happening in politics for The Times. By night he admits nobody has a clue, and nothing makes any sense at all.

Join him for a hilarious insider’s guide to resignations, reshuffles, recriminations, and – most importantly – reassurance that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Matt actually grew up in Taunton and is widely regarded as one of the funniest political commentators writing today.

His daily email bulletin “Red Box” is essential reading for anyone trying to understand what is going on at the moment in British politics. Most days he can be found stalking Westminster’s corridors of power trying to find someone – anyone! – who can give him a clue as to what is going on and as he mentions almost every day, the situation we find ourselves in Is. Not. Normal.

…the Conservative and Labour party leaders spending more time fighting their own parties than each other; The Speaker calling on a precedent from 1604 to deny the Prime Minister a third vote on her Withdrawal Bill; The Labour Party being investigated by the EHRC for suspected institutional racism; Cabinet ministers arguing at the despatch box for the Prime Ministers deal then going into the lobby to vote against it; the Brexit march being attended by only slightly more people than have been leader of UKIP in the last 18 months; Chris Grayling…

These are febrile times and as host of the Red Box podcast he has interviewed all the major Westminster players and reports every day on which way the wind is blowing through the Palace of Westminster.

“Matt is vying with George Osborne for this year’s hotly-contested ‘Theresa May Sycophant of the Year’ award.”
– Theresa May

“Engaging, funny, entertaining – you’d think he’d done it before. He hasn’t.”
– Rory Bremner

“Get back to work.”
– The Times

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