A live-streamed adventure through the mind of a woman, in a barn, on the Somerset Levels, on the earth, floating in space, drifting in the universe (wherever that might be…)?!

Join clown-singer Ellie Westbrook as she tangles herself in the twists of consciousness, and who knows where you might end up?!

This performance will be best experienced with headphones.


FRI 4 SEP – 7:30PM – LIVE Stream

SAT 5 SEP – 7:30PM – LIVE Stream

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Ellie Westbrook trained in physical theatre and performance at LISPA (now Arthaus.Berlin), and studied Music & Drama at the University of Manchester, majoring in theatre workshop facilitation with TiPP (Theatre in Prisons and Probation).

She studies classical voice with Caitlin Hulcup (RCM), and is passionate about the joys of singing, having co-founded SHE Women’s Choir in 2010, which has now become a collaboratively-run international network.

In 2015, she hitch-hiked from London to Ukraine, and created songs based on the adventure. These songs were developed into a piece of music-theatre Territories (Bridport Lyric Theatre; Shoreditch Town Hall, 2016). She created her solo clown show Big Berg in 2018-20, inspired by moustachioed adventurers going to the South Pole, the patriarchy jamming flags all over the world, and why people want to be important.

The piece toured around various festivals and theatres in the UK. She recently co-devised a bio-sci-fi opera with Waste Paper Opera Company, following two human’s journey into a post-apocalyptic version of the planet, where the dominant species are rhizomatically communicating slime moulds, amoebas and mushrooms and the survival of the fittest narrative is no longer important.

She has also worked with with The Belarus Free Theatre, The Living Theatre (NYC), BAIT Theatre, PaperMash Theatre, Moxie Brawl, Hanbury & Groves and Damsel Productions. She is passionate about adventure, about the interactive exchange of performance and about the absurd power of the imagination to give colour and magic to life.

See www.eleanorwestbrook.com for more


4 & 5 September 2020