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To honour Black History Month this October, BLACK* artists on the move presents the History is Now! Festival, an exploration of how history and the present moment converge, seeking to spur us on to deeper understanding and greater action.

Across three performances, an international programme of BLACK* artists will present a feast of dance, theatre, song and spoken word to examine and celebrate the complex histories of BLACK* communities around the world.

Join us virtually for a thrilling afternoon packed with family-friendly entertainment, enrichment and enlightenment!

The Secret Keeper (20 mins + Q&A)

A magical and captivating non-verbal show in which a series of beautiful and minimally worked pieces of driftwood are brought to life as mythical creatures.

The Secret Keeper is a charming family show which explores the possibilities of objects found in nature. Through the magic of the hands and the power of imagination, the visual spectacle is combined with a soundscape to embody the power of storytelling in its most inspiring form.

Following the show, join performer, dancer, and puppeteer Araceli Cabrera for a special Q&A.

Anansi & the Sweet Forgotten (40 mins + Q&A)

Using traditional West African stories about Anansi the Spider as a meeting place, Swallow’s Wings Puppetry enchant, entertain, educate and build cross- generational dialogue. The story is told using puppets made from everyday materials, beautiful original music and spoken word poetry.

The shows are a springboard to learn about the journey of the Anansi stories from Africa to the UK via the Caribbean. This particular journey follows enslaved African people to the Caribbean and then the migration of their descendants to the UK with the Windrush generation.

Anansi & the Sweet Forgotten offers plenty of potential for further explorations of puppetry and story telling as well as the historical context of the stories.

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2 October 2021 2:30PM

Build 3.2 17/02/2021