This exhibition is now available to view online here.

GoCreate exists to “Seek out, Encourage and Promote Creativity” it is their mission to make the arts accessible to all, to a wide and varied audience which is at the heart of this project. Who could have predicted that Covid-19 would come along and have such a huge impact on all our lives?

Since lockdown in March, we have all been surrounded by challenges and many people, who were struggling anyway, have felt the full impact of support networks being cut back within their local communities.

With financial contributions from The Rotary Club Taunton and The Somerset Community Foundation, GoCreate were able to reach out to the more vulnerable communities with an arts’ project that could be undertaken from home or from their places of isolation.

Individuals were encouraged to find their creative voice during isolation and express their personal experiences of being in isolation, through art, on pieces of canvas. The plan was then to bring all of these individual voices and responses together by sewing the squares together into large banners and displaying them in public spaces once lockdown eased.

Individuals and groups were supplied with creativity packs, including a canvas square, paper to plan ideas on, acrylic paints, brushes, a sketching pencil and an information sheet about the project. Participants could use these, and any materials they had already, to create, encouraged to think about what “social distancing” and “isolation” had meant to them during lockdown; how it had affected their thoughts on life or society – many were turning to art. Perhaps they had felt blue, confused or had they had a positive feeling about it, maybe a spiritual awakening – they were trying to convey their thought and feelings surrounding possibly the most surreal experience of their lives. People were painting and creating just short of a hundred canvases all over the Taunton area, and beyond.

The canvases in this exhibition represent a huge variety of “isolated” voices, now joined together; part of our inclusive, diverse, community. During lockdown, GoCreate also put together an art project for primary school children “Helpful Hands” and went ‘live’ with ideas from Liz’s kitchen table.

GoCreate encouraged the creation of canvases to respond to the ‘BLM’ movement and events world-wide, as well as beginning a community puzzle and dreaming up a ‘Pride in Art’ project which has straddled lockdown and will continue as measures ease and normality is restored – in whatever form that will take.