Three years after the events of the first film, Elsa, Anna, and the rest of the beloved characters, set out to discover the origins of Elsa’s extraordinary powers.

When a mysterious voice calls out to Elsa, a series of events force the people of her kingdom to evacuate. Knowing something must be done to save the kingdom, the gang venture out to the Enchanted Forest, following the voice that Elsa hears, and seek to uncover truths that have, until now, been forgotten.

Trivia: The song used to call Elsa to the enchanted forest is a type of Scandinavian herding call called kulning. It was used briefly in the score of the first movie. In Frozen 2, the kulning that is central to the plot is performed by Norwegian singer Aurora Aksnes.

“Elsa and Anna’s magical quest casts a spell on the viewers and keeps our eyes stuck at the screen.” – Behindwoods

“The sisters and sidekicks from “Frozen” reconvene for another adventure with storms of feeling and a new power ballad.” – New York Times



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22 February 2020 11:30AM

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103 mins + trailer