The Brewhouse Theatre proudly present a group exhibition of creative coverage artists 2017, including work by Nicola Axe, Janet Judge, Simon Royer and Mike Service. The show is a celebration of painting and sculpture and focuses on natural form & landscape.

Nicola Axe’s work explores the possibilities of stone, in these contemplative sculptures, which evoke peaceful meditative rhythms driven by natural forms, fossils and the human body. Bridging representation and abstraction, with an evident passion for the great modern sculptors like, Rodin, Modigliani & Brancusi.

Janet Judge paints from life, depicting the landscape with energetic gestures and brushstrokes.  Her still life have a fresh and vibrant character, light plays a seminal role in this work, which heightens and exaggerates natural forms with a confident and pleasing charm.

Simon Royer, depicts the natural world with a mastery of photo-realism. The works is brought alive conceptually with the Darwinian concept of survival and study of behaviors. The work elevates the subject matter with sharp intensity.

Mike Service’s large-scale seascapes, cloudscapes and muddy fields, boats and reflections, allow the viewer to immerse themselves in these realistic and lavish works.  Using broad -brush strokes and a palette knife to create a celebration in painting.

A must-see exhibition with all works for sale.

The exhibition was curated by Freeny Yianni – Close –


Open Monday-Saturday 9:30am-4:30pm