Part performance, part installation, part collective act of resistance – Cutting Out tells Viv’s 1 in 11 million story.

The story of Viv’s hands (from abuse to activism) happens in a co-created installation of paper dolls holding hands in solidarity bearing witness to 11 million adult UK survivors of Child Sex Abuse.

Viv cuts out chains of paper dolls.
Look, they are children holding hands.
When she is finished there will be 11 million of them.
She wants you to see them.
To see how delicate they are.
Each doll personifies a hidden story of survival.
Each cut of the scissors, a decisive expression of defiance.

“I was struck from the outset by the beauty of this work, the delicacy, fragility, vitality, effervescence and its power and capacity for healing. It felt complete. I loved the solemnity of the first scene, and the final scene of flow dancing and reconnecting fragments, making everyone whole again. Deeply moved by Viv laying down beside them” – CSA Survivor


8 October 2021 8:00PM

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Running Time

80 minutes