He’s naked
He’s angry
And he’s on the run…

Enter a world of feverish dreaming, as storyteller Ben Haggarty, and musician Sianed Jones, embark on an intense monster’s-lib interpretation of Mary Shelley’s modern myth.

Truly a story for our time, Frankenstein speaks of power unleashed; the responsibility of the creator towards the created, and our fear of the unknown.

Drawing on the original story, Hollywood’s cinematic retellings, Greek and Jewish legends, and pop culture, this powerful and startling contemporary performance combines improvised spoken word, vocals, bass and electric violin, to lure audiences into the imagined world of Dr Frankenstein and the monster he created.

Expect wild song, steam punk & fast-paced epic storytelling in the hands of two master performers.

‘This is real storytelling’ HAY FESTIVAL



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12 March 2020 7:30PM

This is a past event

Ticket Prices

Full Price from £10.00 Students from £8.00
Suitable for 14+