This classic piece of 70’s horror is the perfect way to spend Halloween this year. Released in 1973, The Exorcist was the first horror film to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture (1974), while also picking up awards for Best Screenplay and Best Sound, respectively.

The film tells the story of mother and daughter Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burnstyn) and Regan (Linda Blair) and their struggle to cope with Regan’s decent into – what is initially deemed by doctors as – psychosis.

The scene is set when 12 year old Regan plays with a Ouija board and communicates with her supposed imaginary friend, Captain Howdy. Regan changes after this experience and despite numerous tests and trials, normal doctors just don’t seem to help. So there is no choice left but to call, The Exorcist.

Dir: William Friedkin
Stars: Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow, Linda Blair

IMPORTANT – PARKING: Please note that the public Coal Orchard car park, adjacent to the Brewhouse, will be closed from Mon 1st Oct – Fri 23 Nov for the demolition of the old swimming baths.  We recommend alternative car parking in either Wood Street Car Park (TA1 1UR) or Canon Street Car Park (TA1 1SN).  Both are approx. 10 mins walk from the theatre.

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31 October 2018 7:30PM

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Full Price from £5.00
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117 minutes + trailers