Set in Los Angeles in 2028 during intense rioting, the action in Hotel Artemis takes place over a single night and within the confines of the hotel – a secret, members-only hospital for criminals run by Jean Thomas (Jodie Foster in her first role since 2013).

As Sight & Sound comments: “The establishment has three basic rules; no insulting the staff; no weapons: no killing the other patients. Predictably, these rules are broken, one by one, and violent chaos ensues.”

With multiple plotlines and a stellar supporting cast that provides an array of suspect characters who descend on the hotel for sanctuary and treatment, this is a taut, suspenseful, edgy drama.

Dir: Drew Pearce
Stars: Jodie Foster, Sterling K.Brown, Sofia Boutella, Jeff Goldblum


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7 September 2018 7:30PM

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94 minutes + trailers