Carry Akroyd is a painter and printmaker living in Northamptonshire. A working artist for 30 years, belatedly 10 years ago gained with distinction MA in Fine Art.

Her subject matter is the principally the intensively farmed arable landscape with wildlife surviving on the margins, but also some work from forays to wilder places.

Her exhibition displays 16 lithographs that incorporate text from poems by John Clare, bringing the 19th century poet’s words to the present day.

Words and images express a concern and fascination about the natural world. The artist has for many years maintained, alongside her other painting and printmaking, a vein of work relating to the poet whose work has a particular relevance for today. It is a connection she has returned to many times; her earlier Clare-related images were published in a large format, illustrated hardback book with an expansive accompanying text by the artist.

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Open Monday-Saturday 9:30am-4:30pm