Join our Big Draw event and take part in the world’s biggest drawing festival! Living Lines: An Animated Big Draw Festival, from 1-31 October 2017. From cave men to the big screen and everything in between, this year, the theme of the world’s biggest drawing festival aims to unite pixels, pencils and people from across the globe to celebrate the universal language of drawing.

Create animations with illustrator Leo Hartas. A fun day where you can have a go at making flip books, stop motion, claymation and 2D frame-by-frame techniques. Leo will be on hand to help with ideas, fun tips and tricks and technical things for you to learn how to bring your drawings and models to life.

Since 2000, the annual, international celebration of drawing, which brings people together under the banner ‘drawing is a universal language’, regularly takes place in over 25 countries, involves over 1000 events and has encouraged over 4 million people back to the drawing board.

Workshop will be led by Leo Hartas.

*This is a drop-in session between 10.30am and 3.30pm. You are welcome to join us at any time. 



27 October 2017 10:30AM

Ticket Prices

Full Price from £0.00
Suitable for all ages

Running Time

10.30 - 3.30