Widely respected as the voice of Test Match Special ‘Blowers’ brings his wit and wisdom to the Brewhouse stage for us all to enjoy.

But Henry’s keen for us to stress that it’s not all cricket and every show is different. So, even if you’ve seen him on stage before you can be sure that it’ll never be the same twice.

“People gather round afterwards in the foyer and say, ‘We had no idea it was like this. We thought it was a cricket show.’ But it’s not. And if you think you’re going to learn how to play a forward defensive, you’ll be sadly disappointed.”

Instead, the talk is based, in the loosest sense, on Henry’s life story, although there’s time for as many after-dinner anecdotes and meandering digressions as there is in a Test Match Special rain break.

The show itself take a tongue-in-cheek look at Henry and his life, with subjects veering from intergalactic travel, to horticulture and mountaineering.

Audiences are always sure of an evening of great tales from this quintessential Englishman.


7 October 2020 7:30PM

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Suitable for All Ages