There are 36 Somersets around the world, and Akulah Agbami wants to encounter them all!

Embarking on an ambitious digital expedition, Akulah will combine live online events and podcasting to discover what being from Somerset means, whether you’re Jamaican, South African or Tasmanian. What ties us together? What makes us unique?

A Symphony of Somerset will launch with two unique live digital events featuring artists and residents from Somersets around the world. Uncovering delightful coincidences and stirring stories, places to remember and places of import.

Akulah Agbami is the conductor of this mesmerising journey through time and space which is ultimately a celebration of what it means to be human. Poetry, film, photography and music come together in this special reflective piece.

This will be followed by a podcast series, delving deeper into our global Somerset heritage.

Register your interest or get tickets for this live streamed event, A Symphony of Somerset:

SAT 22 AUG 11:30AM


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An artist of Afrikan origin, I see creativity as a sacred river. Sometimes there is a trickle, other times a torrent. Sometimes I will dip and scoop water for myself. Other times, the watering will be a vast collective adventure, refreshing other thirsty souls.

Poetry, plays, dance – they all flow into one, like a batik print. This is who I am – an explorer of life in Taunton, where I live and a nurturer of others, across the world where I reside.

Art uplifts us all, carries us to where we need to be. A river.


22 August 2020