There’s something fishy happening at The Brewhouse this May Half Term…

A Commotion in the Ocean is a madcap comedy that helps audiences connect to the controversial and topical subject of plastic pollution.

At a time when the world’s seas are becoming full of plastic, the impact of which is having a considerable and detrimental affect on nature, it is essential we give our young people the opportunity to consider how to make a change, early on in their lives.

Featuring music from Kid Carpet and lots of bubbles.

Demeter (Goddess of Harvest & Agriculture) is having a bad day. All she wants is some peace and quiet, but there is too much noise, distraction and plastic! Poseidon (God of the Sea, Earthquakes and Horses) decides to help. He means well, but he really isn’t helping. To distract Poseidon, Demeter decides to send him on a quest. He comes back with more than she bargained for, but it might just help save the planet.

Wassail Theatre & Mooney Stories presents:
A Commotion in the Ocean
By Sarah Mooney
Directed by Ged Stephenson
Music by Kid Carpet
Design by Julie Read


Calling all scurvy sea dogs and magical mermaids, there’s something fishy happening at The Brewhouse this May Half Term! Swab the poop deck, hoist the sails and join us as we venture across the Salty Seas with:

Play in a Day: Sea Myths
Tuesday 28 May

Cardboard Kraken
Wednesday 29 May


25 May 2019 12:00PM

This is a past event

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Standard from £6.50
Suitable for 5+

Running Time

45 minutes