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Community Gallery – July


Afternoon Nap - Gillian Solomon

Afternoon Nap - by Gillian Solomon


Energy - My Day Students

Energy - By the Students at My Day


J&K Motion

Jamie & Kizzy - by Patricia Howe


Woolacombe, Helen Freeman - Develop Your Painting Student

Woolacombe - by Helen Freeman (Develop Your Painting Student)


Candle power by Alison Aish

Candel Power - by Alison Aish


Intense Energy - Sonia Mogford-Abbott

Intense Energy - by Sonia Mogford-Abbott



Abstract 2 in dark blue - by Dorothy Hayward (Develop Your Painting Student)


Exuberance - Robert Moss

Exuberance - by Robert Moss


Beach 2020 - Gillian Weller - Develop Your Painting Student

Beach 2020 - by Gillian Weller (Develop Your Painting Student)


Looking Up - by Laura Aish

Looking Up - by Laura Aish



Study of Flowers - by Penny Williams (Develop Your Painting Student)


Untitled - Bob Moss Develop Your Painting Student

Untitled - by Bob Moss (Develop Your Painting Student)


Footprint - Alison Baily Develop Your Painting Student

Footprint- by Alison Baily (Develop Your Painting Student)


Monthly themes are open to interpretation and mediums might include pen, pencil, crayon, brush, collage, photography, illustration or graphic design and not forgetting potato and pasta shapes too!

We are accepting submissions from all age groups, so whether you’re five or fifty-five, you can try your hand at one of our themes.



  • HOME – WED 19 AUG


Looking for inspiration? Sign up to one of our online art classes:

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Mixed Media Arts & Craft - Online

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