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Adapted Seating Plan

Banded Seating


In order to make your experience as safe and enjoyable as possible the auditorium will be running at a much-reduced capacity.

Seating groups have been created to cater for everyone and we will be maintaining safe social distancing between each group.

When booking, please select a suitable seating group to help optimise our new auditorium layout.

The auditorium plan above is representative of our seating plan, but does not fully illustrate on-site social distancing measures. Rest assured, no matter where you choose to sit, there will be a safe space between yourself and others.



To avoid unnecessary queuing and to manage the number of people on site at any time, tickets will now be issued with an allocated arrival time.

Please pay close attention to your arrival time. Late arrivals will not be permitted once a screening has started.

Bookers in BAND A will be asked to arrive first, BAND B bookers will have a slightly later arrival time.







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