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Adapted Seating Plan

Banded Seating


From 19 July most events will no longer be socially distanced.  That said, we are mindful that some people aren't ready to attend busy events so all film and event cinema will remain socially distanced until the end of August.

If attending a socially distanced film you cannot pick specific seats. Once you have selected the number of tickets that you would like, our system will automatically pick the best spot for you, while ensuring social distancing between booking groups.

If you have specific requests/requirements with regard to booking you can contact or call 01823 283 244 to discuss your options.

The auditorium plan above is representative of our seating plan, but does not fully illustrate on-site social distancing measures. If attending a socially distanced event no matter where you choose to sit, there will be a safe space between yourself and others.


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