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Our Story

Taunton Brewhouse – Our Story

It’s a fresh start for Taunton Brewhouse, one that reflects our ambitions of remaining the principal arts centre in the region with a reputation for innovation, and a commitment to programming high quality art in all genres.

Our aim is to support and develop artists at each stage in their career – and establish a working relationship with them going forward, which showcases and celebrates their success. See our new Distillery strand.

We want to become a social hub for the community – a place that embraces inclusivity where everyone can be assured of a warm welcome. Not least we want to be accessible to all.

Why now? We took the enforced closure by Covid as an opportunity for reflection. We wanted to think about how we were going to work in the future and what we should be prioritising. The results of a public consultation carried out in February 2021 played a large part in that discussion. Any interested parties got the opportunity to tell us how they wanted to access the arts, what they wanted to see more of and what was important to them.

The results showed that people wanted the flexibility to access the arts in a variety of ways, from online digital activity to more events in outside spaces, to partnering with other venues around the region so the arts can come out to them. They wanted more theatre, live music and comedians – in a comfortable setting where you don’t have too far to walk.

They asked for events during the day and a place to get a good cup of coffee.  One respondent summed it up:

‘comfortable environment, quality events; decent glass of wine’

All feedback was taken on board and fed into plans for the venue and programming activity.

The last year has proved to be a difficult time for the arts (as it has for everyone) and our new look reflects the turning of a page and to stretch that metaphor further – the start of a story, and one we hope you will join us in writing.




Teapot Creative talk about the inspiration behind our new identity:

The future is an exciting time for Taunton Brewhouse. After a challenging year of isolation and inactivity, the community is coming together to rebuild connections to each other and to the arts. As the world restarts and creativity flows again, Taunton Brewhouse plans to be there to support and inspire the people of Somerset and beyond.

To mark 2021 as a time of change and fresh perspectives, we have updated Taunton Brewhouse to reflect the new world we live in; it has a new name, new visual identity and new surroundings.

We developed this identity by first looking at its heritage. The theatre is built on the site of an industrial-era factory and is where the Brewhouse takes its name; this is also where we found inspiration for the brand’s new colour ‘Coal’.

Another important addition is the ‘Azure’ blue, which came from the nearby River Tone as well as being the main colour used in the borough’s historic coat of arms. This palette is optimistic and refined and reflects Taunton Brewhouse’s aims of positioning itself as an important artistic centre in the region.

The new logo focuses on the structure of the building, its steps influenced by the now iconic slanted roofs and staggered seating of the auditorium. The white space represents the centre’s role in showcasing great performances and artists – and its aim to become a place of experimentation and innovation where artists come to learn and develop their skills- whether that be in drama, art, film or music.

This is a brand identity for the future, a flexible logo capable of adapting to the Taunton Brewhouse’s different activities and one which represents its aspirations without forgetting its past.’

Our ultimate aim is that Taunton Brewhouse is a thriving arts centre and community hub, accessible to everyone and where all will receive a warm welcome.

With thanks to the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund for funding this process.

Build 3.2 17/02/2021